If you would like to help the Kids and Teens of Riviera Beach...

Core Benefits of Project Seahorse!

  • The local kids - in our World Famous Dive Destinations throughout Palm Beach County - should enjoy what tourists visit for.
  • Kids that can't swim, will will feel "compelled" to Learn. Kids that swim, will learn Snorkeling.
  • Kids get to appreciate the Marine Environment in a way far beyond what is possible in school.
  • Our local Marine Life is an Environmental Treasure. To protect it, we need to understand it. Project Seahorse is the First Step.

Our Team

We are a Team combining the resources of County Tourism, Film, Sports, the Parks Department, the CRA of Boynton Beach, Splashdown Divers, Jim Abernethy Scuba Adventures, SFDJ.COM , and Florida Freedivers. We see a better future that we can start right now, and we are doing it. If you would like to help us with this mission, please begin by emailing us about this at jima@scuba-adventures.com AMD at dan@sfdj.com . If you want to help getting the Kids into our program, we'd ask you to start with the Camp system within Palm Beach County Parks, or ask the people in your city camp or CRA if they can get your child into a Project Seahorse for Kids program.

If you need to speak with someone right away, please call Dan Volker at 561-685-9242

Close to 70% of kids in many of our communities DON'T swim!

"Our Mission" is to get the kids of Palm Beach County to learn to swim--so that they can Snorkel. We want the non-swimming kids to see the amazing time their friends are having when they go snorkeling.

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